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“UltraShopper” laminated non woven PP bags

Code: Bg-BL08    MOQ: 1 000 pcs

New original bag-type for multiple use. Fully machine made. Extremely strong, with large bottom size from 8 to 25 cm.

“UltraShopper” non-woven PP bags

Code: Bg-NP21    MOQ: 1 000 pcs

New original product for multiple use. Fully machine made. Extremely large bottom size from 8 to 25 cm.

Bags with Bottom Sealing

Code: Bg-PA02   MOQ: 10 000 pcs

These bags have a variety of applications because they are strong and economical. They are typically more durable than side-sealed bags but printing on them is more difficult.

Bags with Euro Slot

Code: Bg-PA04   MOQ: 10 000 pcs

At their upper end, these sacks have a "head" with a hole which is suitable for hanging – on a European-standard stand.

Bags with Flap and Sealing Tape

Code: Bg-PA05   MOQ: 5 000 pcs

Bags with a flap and sealing tape are used for the packaging of goods that need to be removed easily. They’re a good choice for cards, t-shirts, magazines, and more.

Bags with Rigid Handles

Code: Bg-LP07       MOQ: 3 000 pcs

Bags with rigid handles are strong, reliable, and comfortable to wear. The closure of the handles themselves adds another level of protection.
Rigid handles are made from a polymer with a shape convenient for holding. The bags also have clips for closure.

Bags with Side Sealing

Code: Bg-PA01    MOQ: 10 000 pcs

These polymer bags are thermal sealed on both sides. They are used for packaging of various lightweight products.

Basket Shape Non-woven Bags

Code: Bg-NP11   MOQ: 1 000 pcs

This fashionable looking PP nonwoven bag has а square bottom and flat open top. It is very suitable for events, gifts and boutiques.

Bicycle covers from non-woven PP

Code: Bg-CА02   MOQ: 50 pcs

The Bicycle cover is light and breathable, yet very strong to withstand the toughest elements. They keep bikes snug, dry and clean whatever the weather.

Box-Like Paper Bags

Code: Bg-LP04   MOQ: 1 000 pcs

With their shape and top cover, these bags combine the convenience of a box with easy opening/closing function and textile handles made from cord or tape.

Business Bags with DOS printing

Code: Bg-BB10   MOQ: 200 pcs

This it perfect compliment for guests on your event (seminars, workshops, and conferences). This bag is designed for documents, brochures, and catalogues.

Business Bags with Magnetic Clasps

Code: Bg-BB01   MOQ: 20 pcs

This bag is designed for documents, brochures, and catalogs. It makes a great gift for participants in seminars, workshops, and conferences.