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Digital Printed Bags

Code: Bg-DIGB      MOQ: 50 pcs

Full color digital printing on ready-made paper bags and envelopes.

Flat Handle Paper Bags

Code: Bg-MP02      MOQ: 3 000 pcs

Paper bags may also be produced with flat handles made from multi-layered paper tape which are available in many colours. Commonly used as take away bags, they are hygienic and food safe.

J-Cut Handle Paper Bags

Code: Bg-MP03      MOQ: 2 000 pcs

The most-luxury machine made paper bags, with appearance of hand made bags, ideal for advertising and adding value to high-brands.

Twisted Handle Paper Bags

Code: Bg-MP01      MOQ: 3 000 pcs

Classic paper bags have the most diverse applications in various commercial sectors: cosmetics, clothing, electronics, corporate gifts and more.